Monday, December 14, 2009

New Class @ Willow Creek McHenry County - Starts January 13, 2010

Please join us in Januray for:

The Genius of Bible Genres

All Bible books are not the same! So don't read them all the same way! This class will help you discover how the genius of each genre can bring remarkable clarity and insight to your Bible reading. Each week will explore the unique aspects of a new genre of scripture as the class studies representative passages.

This course is open to anyone who wants to dig deeper into the rich literature of the Bible. Although each topic stands on its own, class sessions will build upon each other as later classes draw on principles and assumptions established earlier.

Class Schedule

13 – Overview & How to Read New Testament Epistles
20 – How to Read Old Testament Narratives
27 – How to Read The Book of Acts

3 – How to Read The Gospels & Parables
10 – How to Read Old Testament Law
17 – How to Read The Prophets
24 – How to Read The Psalms

3 – How to Read Wisdom Literature
10 – How to Read The Book of Revelation

Teacher Bio
Dave Leigh is no genius but he holds an M.A. in theological studies from Wheaton College. His varied ministry experiences include having served as an editor and freelance writer for a number of Christian publications, plus several years in pastoral ministries. Dave says, “I’ve learned more from my many failures than from books. But my greatest life-lesson has been that God’s grace is big enough to include even me.” Dave combines humor with academic and experiential dimensions to his classes that are bound to bring you inspiration and insight.

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