Monday, December 14, 2009

New Small Group in Grayslake, Illnois!

DISCIPLESHIP 101--And What's A Family To Do About It?

Our unique angle is that we will be addressing discipleship as couples and singles from the vantage point of family. Consider yourself invited!

We will meet every other Friday night starting January 8 at 7:30 p.m. in Grayslake. We are planning to tackle some essential elements of discipleship. The outline below is our tentative Winter-Spring agenda (subject to change). Contact Dave Leigh at for details.

The Essentials:

PURPOSE - Jesus' Mission & Our Commission
MESSAGE - Jesus' Kingdom Teaching & Our Gospel
FOUNDATION - The Word of God
WORLDVIEW - Basic Theology
SYMBOL - Baptism & Communion
SUBSTANCE - The Spirit-Filled Walk
ETHIC - Jesus' Creed & Yahweh's Commandments
COMMUNITY - Jesus' Body: Spiritual Gifts & Life Together
PRACTICE - The Spiritual Disciplines
PRAYER - The Lord's Prayer
WITNESS - Words & Deeds
WORSHIP - Spirit & Truth
SACRIFICE - Stewardship
SOLD OUT - Back to the Mission & Cost of Discipleship

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