Monday, October 18, 2010

The Full Stature of Women as Servants of Christ in His Church - Part 1

A great deal of confusion exists today on the question of women in ministry. Although there are numerous examples in Scripture of women who were leaders and ministers, many Bible-believing Christians today allow a few controversial and easily misunderstood statements by Paul to prevent them from helping women come to full maturity as servants of Christ (cf. 2Pe 3:15-16). This series will seek to alleviate some of this confusion and the consequent resistance to women in ministry on the part of Bible believers by considering alternate explanations and interpretations of key biblical passages. At no time will I call into question the authority of the Bible itself, only the interpretations some people have attached to it.

Behold: A Search Committee Went Forth to Search ...

Let's begin by picturing an imaginary pulpit committee looking for a pastor, or a nominating committee looking to name leaders for its church. Though there is a scarcity of male applicants, "the women who proclaim the good tidings (gospel) are a great host" (Ps 68:11, NASB). Our search committee is faced with this list of applicants:

The search committee reviews the list and is suitably impressed. However, someone points out: all these applicants are women! And we all know what the New Testament teaches about women in church leadership! But do we?

Stay tuned as this series explores what the New Testament really has to say about the full stature of women!

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